International Grading System

Started in 2013

IHAA Grading System

As the sport of Horse Archery continues to grow more people are coming up with ways to establish the sport throughout the world.

This grading system for assessing the skill level of horseback archers has been set up with the following aims:

  • To allow mounted archers to have a fixed standard with which they can compare their ability from season to season, individually or against friends, so that they can monitor their improvement and find encouragement to practise and improve.

  • To provide an achievable goal for anyone in the sport, from beginners to experts.

  • As more people enter the sport grading provides a structure by which people may be grouped in competitions, so that they are competing against opponents of a similar standard, and all have a chance to win against their peers.

  • To allow competition organisers to identify those with sufficient ability to compete at a particular event and potentially satisfy insurers of the competence of participants.

In Australia we also offer Novice Grading. Done at walk and trot, it is a great way to start out and challenge yourself. Grading is now open to non AHAA members.

Costs are $20 for AHAA members and $4o for NON-Members for grading at each level this includes your achievement pin.

Please be advised that for all grading through the AHAA, scores must be no more than 24 months old and must have been witnessed at the time by 2 AHAA members, who will be required to sign the grading form.

Novice Grading (walk/trot) Australia Only.

Grading Overview,

Grading Rule,


Sportsman grading tables

Student-Level-table 3

Sportsman Grading Application forms

Korean 1-2-90-S Application sheet , Korean 1-3-90 studentKorean 2-3-90-Student,  Korean 1-2-3-90-StudentKorean 1-2-5-150-StudentKorean 1-2-5-180-Student

Horse Archery Grading table

Horse Archer Table

Horse Archery Grading Application forms

Korean 2-3-90-Horse ArcherKorean 1-2-3-90-Horse ArcherKorean 1-2-5-150-Horse ArcherKorean 1-2-5-180-Horse ArcherQabaq Application sheetHungarian Application sheet

Imagehere are the pins for achieving the different grade levels

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