Novice Grading

 Novice Grading System for Australia

N1    At The Walk – Australian Track or Korean Track

N2     At The Walk –  Australian or Korean Tracks

N3     At the Walk & Trot – Aussie or Korean Tracks

N4    At the Trot –  Aussie or Korean Tracks

Note: the main difference between the Korean course and the Australian course are:

  1. Korean course targets are ALL perpendicular to the track fence line, whereas the Australian course has the first and last targets angled at 45 degrees to the track on a 3 or 2 target run.
  2. Korean course rules state the arrows must NOT be held in the bow hand. However this is IS allowed in the Australian course.

Please see the Novice Grading Table for your track selections and the Novice form to be completed before submitting to the committee.

Once you have completed your grading requirements please send your forms and payment of $20 for AHAA members and $40 for Non-AHAA members to  

Australian Horse Archery Association Account Number: 10157146 BSB: 064835  Reference: SurnamePin

Your grading pin will be sent to you

Australian Novice Grading Score Requirements

Novice GRADING Score Sheet

Walk/Trot Rules






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