Postal Competitions

International Postal Competitions

The International Horse Archery Alliance runs regular postal matches for all horse archers to participate.

Each match will be a challenge set by a club from the IHAA affiliated nations; hosted on this website by the IHAA. At least half of the matches will be our standard Korean and Hungarian courses, the rest will be an opportunity for us to try something different, one of the courses from the course database.

AHAA also runs Postal competitions in the Novice Section (walk/trot) open to all horse archers.

We will post the current match and results here, as well as our Facebook page.

The current IHAA Match is

Late March – May ’16:  Korean 2-3 & Aussie triple (90m)
Last shoo date 31/5/16, please return scores by 01/06/16

For entry forms and additional information please visit!postal-matches/c1han

Latest IHAA postal results

Combined Texas triple and​ Korean 2-3 scores

 1. Mats Woxmark (SAMA, Swe) 50.4
2. Melissa Guest (AHAA-WA, Aus) 49.85
3. Lill Nilimaa (SAMA, Swe) 17.7
4. Janet Vernon (CC, USA) 10.36
5. Alyssa Hoey (CC, USA) 3.57
6. Ylwa Woxmark (SAMA, Swe) 2.


Novice Postal

The Current AHAA Prep/Novice Postal is

Korean Triple

3 runs single arrow per target and 3 runs of multiple arrows per target

Send your completed score sheets to

Score sheets are available here


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