Competition Rules

AHAA has adopted the Internationally recognised rules of the International Horseback Archery Alliance(IHAA).

AHAA’s raw scores and findings will be made available to IHAA and its members for consideration, this is done via the IHAA database.

TIME BONUS POINTS CAPPING: Time bonus points shall NOT exceed points scored on target.

EG: If a run is completed 4 seconds under the par time, but the score on target is only 2 points, then the MAXIMUM time bonus points that can be awarded is 2 .

For International Postal competitions please adhere to the rules that will be stated per competition.  You can find out about current postal matches here.

As Horse Archery has been a traditional sport of many countries over the years, different courses, or tracks, have developed and are still being created. This is one of the more exciting aspects of Horse Archery competitions is the variety of events you can enter to compete in.

Below are the rules of each different event. Not all competitions will be offered at all events, so check the competition schedule before entering and see what’s on offer.