Getting Started

Come along and watch, meet people and find out more.

Where can I participate?

Current active locations

Canberra Region Branch

  • Grounds: Tarago Showground, Braidwood Road
  • Normal Rally days are 3rd Saturday of the Month subject to ground conditions

Melbourne Branch

  • Grounds : Buck Reserve Donvale
  • Monthly rally days alternating between Saturdays and Sundays weekends vary depending on other users of the ground, please email find the next date.

Perth Branch

Montaro Branch

Cooktown/Cook Area Branch

Where can I learn?

Instructors affiliated with the Australian Horse Archery Association.

Riding with Sticks: Tarago NSW

Medieval Horse Sports Australia: Bundaberg QLD

Where can I get gear?

Suppliers of horse archery gear that have been used by members. You are encouraged to discuss with your instructor or association members the best equipment for you.

Tobas Archery: Marulan NSW

Medieval Horse Sports Australia: Bundaberg QLD