Frequently Asked Questions

What type of horse or saddlery is required?

The beautiful thing about Horse Archery is suited to All types and breeds of horses. And whilst some saddles may be more suited to the 2 point seat needed for the faster courses, any saddle is acceptable as long it is in good condition for use. Horses that are trained bit less are welcome as well.

How old do I have to be?

Competent junior riders are able to train and compete in Horse Archery. The minimum age is 7 years old and the maximum age of a junior is 17 years old. 18and over is classed as a Senior for competitions only.

Where can I learn Horse Archery?

There are Horse Archery Clinics and Schools held all around Australia by various instructors.

Can I use my compound or take down bow?

The sport of Horse Archery has some deep roots in tradition. As a result it has been decided Internationally that these bows can not be used in competition or grading. The accepted bows for Horse Archery are of one piece (not take down) have no shelf or centre shot and is generally of recurve design, with the exception of the Japanese Yumi. Arrows used can be made of aluminium, bamboo, wood or carbon fibre with any type of nock or fletch and only have target tips and not broad heads, again with the exception of Yabusame, where the arrows have blunts on their end to break the targets

In the Novice Section in Australia ONLY, small shelf  single piece (beginner style) bows are allowed.

I don’t have 150 metre straight line to make a track.

Many tracks have a turn in and turn out, off the straight track. So long as the radius of the turns are safe to be done at a canter. A slight gradient is also OK. Please remember to be shooting toward your own property (not a neighbours fence)