Scores 2019


K 2-3

Rodney Deaman69.29NSW/ACT SCSenior
Stephanie Batterham60.01AHAA NatsSenior
Liberty Deaman58.02NSW/ACT SCSenior
Katrina Kruse53.2AHAA NatsSenior
C J Blumenthal45.5AHAA NatsJunior
Naomi Crotty44.04NSW/ACT SCSenior
Liberty Deaman35.06AHAA NatsSenior
Rodney Deaman29.73AHAA NatsSenior
Naomi Crotty27.42Vic SCSenior
Amelia Strivenz25.2AHAA NatsSenior
Anthony Gargano21.28Vic SCSenior
Sam Marr20.73Vic SCSenior
Alexandra Loccisano18.92AHAA NatsSenior
Angus Baker18.82AHAA NatsJunior
Don Woods10.48AHAA NatsSenior
Amelia Deaman9AHAA NatsChild
Amelia Deaman5NSW/ACT SCChild
Elizabeth Marr4.09Vic SCSenior

Hun 90

Adrianna Della Franca79.25WA SCSenior
Katrina Kruse69.08AHAA NatsSenior
Liberty Deaman63.67NSW/ACT SCSenior
Stephanie Batterham53.76AHAA NatsSenior
Liberty Deaman53.27AHAA NatsSenior
Rodney Deaman51.1NSW/ACT SCSenior
Don Woods50.61AHAA NatsSenior
Rodney Deaman50.06AHAA NatsSenior
Tim Dean49.42WA SCSenior
Ian Stirling36.65WA SCSenior
C J Blumenthal36.5AHAA NatsJunior
Angus Baker35.35AHAA NatsJunior
Desiree Della Franca28.78WA SCSenior
Naomi Crotty21.54NSW/ACT SCSenior
Alexandra Loccisano17.56AHAA NatsSenior
Naomi Crotty16.7Vic SCSenior
Amelia Strivens15.67AHAA NatsSenior
Hepsi Richards14.35WA SCSenior
Julia Giglia10.92WA SCSenior
Amelia Deaman7NSW/ACT SCChild
Elizabeth Marr5Vic SCSenior
Sue Webb4.81WA SCSenior
Anthony Gargano3.76Vic SCSenior
Sam Marr3Vic SCSenior

Korean 2

Rodney Deaman25.39NSW/ACT SC *Senior
Adrianna Della Franca19.62WA SCSenior
Naomi Crotty19.35NSW/ACT SC *Senior
Liberty Deaman16.46NSW/ACT SC *Senior
Samantha Marr10.57Vic SC *Senior
Ian Stirling5.86WA SCSenior
Desiree Della Franca2.61WA SCSenior
Anthony Gargano2.48Vic SC *Senior
Hepsi Richards0.15WA SCSenior
Tim Dean0WA SCSenior
Julia Giglia0WA SCSenior
Sue Webb0WA SCSenior
Elizabeth Marr0Vic SC *Senior
*The K2 as a standalone track was only run in WA. Additional scores for comparison are the first three runs of the K2-3 (where they were available)


Arena 30

Rodney Deaman66NSW/ACT SCSenior
Naomi Crotty20NSW/ACT SCSenior
Isabella Deaman18NSW/ACT SCChild
Angela Chapman14NSW/ACT SCSenior
Anthony Gargano12Vic SCSenior
Amy Evans11NSW/ACT SCSenior
Chris Bahlo9Vic SCSenior

Korean 3

Alex Chapman75NSW/ACT SCSenior
Rodney Deaman67NSW/ACT SCSenior
Anthony Gargano65Vic SCSenior
Amy Evans42NSW/ACT SCSenior
Hepsi Richards39WA SCSenior
Sue Webb35WA SCSenior
Chris Bahlo35Vic SCSenior
Angela Chapman32NSW/ACT SCSenior
Naomi Crotty29NSW/ACT SCSenior
Isabella Deaman27NSW/ACT SCChild
Isabella Deaman22AHAA NatsChild

Aussie 3

Isabella Deaman31AHAA NatsChild
Hepsi Richards27WA SCSenior
Sue Webb27WA SCSenior
Madison Price27WA SCJunior
Ben Batina12WA SCChild


Arena 30

Alex Chapman75NSW/ACT SCSenior
Chris Bahlo55Vic SCSenior
Isabella Deaman38NSW/ACT SCChild
Amy Evans34NSW/ACT SCSenior
Angela Chapman5NSW/ACT SCSenior
Amber Fitzpatrick3Vic SCSenior

Korean 3

Alex Chapman101NSW/ACT SCSenior
Isabella Deaman91NSW/ACT SCSenior
Amy Evans82NSW/ACT SCSenior
Madison Price73WA SCJunior
Chris Bahlo71Vic SCSenior
Wendy Laws65AHAA NatsSenior
Isabella Deaman54AHAA NatsChild
Ben Batina49WA SCChild
Amelia Deaman45AHAA NatsChild
Angela Chapman37NSW/ACT SCSenior
Amber Fitzpatrick9Vic SCSenior

Aussie 3

Madison Price79WA SCJunior
Wendy Laws57AHAA NatsSenior
Amelia Deaman53AHAA NatsChild
Isabella Deaman42AHAA NatsChild
Ben Batina32WA SCChild